CBEST Overview

The CBEST consists of 3 sections:


You may take one, two, or all three sections in a single test session; you do not have to pass all three sections at a single administration.

The questions are broken down as follows:

Reading section: 50 multiple-choice questions
Mathematics section: 50 multiple-choice questions
Writing section: two essays

Testing Session Time Frame

Four hours for one, two, or all three sections (Any time taken for breaks is considered part of your available testing time.)

Testing Fees

There is a $41 test fee per registration. Visit here for more information on registering. 

Passing Score:

A total score of 123 for all three sections, which equates to an average score of 41. However, if any section has a score below 37, regardless of the total score, the assessment cannot be passed.

You may be able to submit equivalency scores in lieu of the CBEST in the form of AP, SAT, or ACT scores. To see if this might apply to you, visit here.

For More Information

Visit the CTC CBEST page

Review and utilize Alder’s testing supports.

Email testing@aldergse.edu if you have any questions