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Steele, D., & Jeong, S. (2021). In S. Jeong, L. Bryan, D. Tippins & C. Sexton (Eds.), Navigating the challenges of elementary science teaching and learning: Using case-based pedagogy to understand dilemmas of practice. Dordrecht, the Netherlands: Springer.
The textbook is intended to be a helpful resource for both prospective and practicing elementary teachers as they learn to teach science in ways which...READ MORE
Sophia Jeong, PhD; Gretchen King, PhD; David Pauli, PhD;
Cary Sell, PhD; David Steele, PhD In T.W. Teo, A. Tan & Y. S. Ong (Eds.), Re-searching science education: Same issues from different lenses. Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore Private Limited.
There is an ongoing debate about the misunderstanding and mistrust of science. There seems to be an erosion of the understanding of science and engineering...READ MORE