Ami Hanaoka, MEd

Regional Managing Clinical Director, Bay Area

As the Director of the Alder at Aspire Bay Area Residency, Ami is responsible for managing Alder Graduate School of Education’s Teacher Residency in the Oakland, California, area. She is the main faculty member in her region and is responsible for teaching graduate-level courses to the teacher residents. Ami entered education as a Third-Grade Teacher in Redwood City at a small dual-immersion charter school. After teaching for five years, Ami came to Aspire Public Schools. Ami spent her first six years there teaching second and third grades at Aspire Berkley Maynard Academy in Oakland, including four years as a Mentor Teacher. As a result of the supportive environment at Alder, Ami became National Board Certified as an Early Childhood Generalist in 2011. Ami holds a BA in Human Development and an MEd from UC San Diego as well as a Reading Certificate from the University of San Francisco.