Geraldine Rescinito

Director, Lynwood USD Teacher Residency at Alder GSE

With one medium-size suitcase, one medium-size box, and a one-way ticket, Geraldine flew from her home town of Indiana, Pennsylvania, in 1988 to Bakersfield, California, for one reason. That reason was to teach.

She was offered a combination 4/5 classroom in Taft, California, from a simple interview over the phone. After two years, Geraldine joined Long Beach Unified School District, where she spent the next 20 years as an Elementary School Teacher, Middle School U.S. History Teacher, Elementary and Middle School Assistant Principal, and, finally, Principal. Seeking a challenge, Geraldine took a leave from public education and went into the private sector, chairing a department of education for a private, for-profit university. Missing “school” and the students, Geraldine returned to public education, accepting a Principal position with Lynwood Unified School District. Recently, Geraldine shifted her role to work in the Human Resources Department as Assistant Director as well as to oversee the Alder Teacher Residency Program.