Tomy Nguyen, MEd

Math Education Faculty

Pronouns: he/him

Tomy Nguyen is a first-generation college graduate from UCSB. He grew up in the Bay Area and saw how many multilingual learners there were around the bay, due to the large and diverse population. Knowing the hardships of being a multilingual learner himself, he has wanted to help others learn the wonders and beauty of math, since math was the subject that bypassed the language barriers with its “universal language” aspects. As a child, he remembers how difficult it was to learn English while also trying to learn new subjects in class. He’s worked as a secondary mathematics teacher in the Bay Area for 4 years.

He earned his BS in Mathematics, Secondary Mathematics Teacher Credential, and Master of Education Degree at UCSB. Currently, he is earning his PhD at UCSB in Mathematics Education with an emphasis on teacher-prep strategies that create equitable spaces for all students. Most of his research revolves around discussible math tasks that foster peer-to-peer engagement and inquiry. This allows for students to take ownership of their own thinking and strategies while sharing them with others. He is currently a part of the Math Circle and the Number Strings for Number Sense projects at UCSB. Tomy aspires to support the residents in their journey in becoming fabulous teachers!