Ycela Pelta

Recruitment Specialist, Lighthouse Community Public Schools


Ycela (Zendejas) Pelta is a first-generation college graduate and Oakland native. With her first degree from the Art Institute of California in Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing and Management, she found her love for the arts. She later moved back to her home city, where she was to graduate from Mills College in 2006 with a BA in Communications. Public relations was a natural start for her people-connecting abilities, as was becoming a Career Recruiter. Ycela has worked for not only the state of California but also for companies such as MAC Cosmetics, advocating for equality in the workplace, diversity, inclusion, and HIV/AIDS advocacy. She is now the Recruitment Specialist at Lighthouse Community Public Schools, where holding their core values is streamlined with her own personal values of love, community, social justice, integrity, and agency.