Zoee Bartholomew, EdD

Affiliate Faculty Member

Dr. Zoee Bartholomew has dedicated her professional life to affecting the lives of individuals with disabilities, their families, and related organizations throughout the United States. Dr. Bartholomew is a graduate of Howard University (BS, Human Development) and the University of Phoenix (MS, Counseling) and holds a Doctorate in Education with an emphasis in Educational Leadership from the University of Phoenix. Over the past 25 years, her career includes being an Education Consultant, Lecturer, Behavior Intervention Specialist, Resource Specialist, Special Education Teacher, and Recreational Leader. Dr. Bartholomew is a local entrepreneur providing behavior education services to school districts, adult day programs, non-public schools, and other private organizations. In addition to her business endeavors, Dr. Bartholomew serves as a member of the Local Childcare Planning Council, Children’s Alliance, SCDD Regional Advisory Committee, ACSA Equity Partner, and Benicia Open Government Commission to ensure legislative changes for youths and individuals with disabilities and improvements in the education field.