Our Research Partners

Alder Graduate School of Education partners with national leaders in teacher education to fulfill our research agenda and further our mission and vision. We collaborate with diverse organizations deeply invested in the improvement of teacher education, including those working in research, policy, philanthropy, higher education, and K–12 education.

Based at the University of Michigan, TeachingWorks brings together teachers, teacher educators, and researchers to improve the preparation of teachers. TeachingWorks collaborates with Alder Graduate School of Education through the TeacherSquared network.

TeacherSquared is a national center bringing together five innovative teacher preparation programs—Alder Graduate School of Education, Relay Graduate School of Education, Sposato Graduate School of Education, Teaching Excellence, and Urban Teachers—as partners to improve teacher preparation. TeacherSquared creates opportunities for teacher educators to forge strong partnerships and a shared understanding of what matters most in teacher education.

Through its online platform, Summit Learning seeks to personalize the learning experience of students, empowering them to be self-directed learners. Alder is engaged in research exploring student choice and path within the Summit online learning platform.