Alder GSE, through its partnership with accredited institutions of higher education in CA and TN, offers two academic programs centered on a teaching approach that integrates both theory and practice.

  • The Master’s & Credential* Teacher Residency is for aspiring teachers and is offered in California in affiliation with University of the Pacific and in Tennessee.
  • Our Mentor Professional Education program is for current teachers at our partner K–12 schools.
Key aspects of these programs:
  • We recruit residents from the local community and beyond, creating diverse teaching teams that more closely mirror the children they teach.
  • We match aspiring teachers to high-performing mentor educators in a year-long apprenticeship.
  • We offer extensive support programs to help residents succeed, such as test preparation support for credentialing exams. We even have a Continuing Cohort program for students who face unique challenges and need to take time off.
  • 96% of our graduates are hired as full-time teachers and 88% of them stay in the school system in which they are trained.
  • This creates job opportunities for graduates and a pipeline of uniquely qualified teachers for our partner schools.

*Alder GSE is applying for Initial Institutional and Program Approval by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) and is working toward receiving this approval in the spring of 2020. In 2019-20 University of the Pacific is the official program sponsor approved by the CCTC. In 2020-21, if Alder receives initial institutional approval from CCTC prior to April of 2021, Alder will recommend teaching credentials to the CCTC; if not, Alder’s partner, Teachers College of San Joaquin, will recommend Alder’s residents to the CCTC for teaching credentials.For more information, please see our accreditation page.