Alder GSE offers academic programs centered on a teaching approach that integrates
both theory and practice.

  • The Master’s & Credential Teacher Residency is for aspiring teachers.
  • Our Mentor Professional Education program is for current teachers at our partner TK-12 schools.
Key aspects of these programs:
  • We recruit residents from the local community and beyond, creating diverse teaching teams that more closely mirror the children they teach.
  • We match aspiring teachers to high-performing mentor educators in a year-long apprenticeship.
  • We offer extensive support programs to help residents succeed, such as test preparation support for credentialing exams. We even have a Continuing Cohort program for students who face unique challenges and need to take time off.
  • 96% of our graduates are hired as full-time teachers and 88% of them stay in the school system in which they are trained.
  • This creates job opportunities for graduates and a pipeline of uniquely qualified teachers for our partner schools.