Enrollment Process

Once you are enrolled, you will receive more detailed information on available financial supports and how to fulfill each of these items from the Enrollment Team. Questions may be directed to admissions@aldergse.edu.

Complete Prior to Start of Program
Certificate of Clearance (COC)

The Certificate of Clearance (COC) is issued by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing to candidates who have passed the Department of Justice and FBI background checks. It is valid for 5 years and is required before starting Alder Summer course work.

The COC can take one week to 6 months or more to process depending on your response to the professional fitness questions. Please complete the process as soon as possible to avoid delays in your program: steps to apply for the COC.

Negative TB Test

The TB assessment must be administered within the last year prior to starting summer coursework. A skin test, a blood test, or a Risk Assessment Questionnaire administered by a health care provider are all acceptable.

Basic Skills

Basic Skills is a requirement that measures proficiency in Mathematics, Reading, and Writing. Once you have met Basic Skills through testing or coursework, it never expires. Basic Skills can be met by:

  • Coursework (undergrad or grad, community college) OR
  • Combination of Coursework and CBEST (ex. Reading and writing through coursework, Math CBEST) OR
Complete Prior to Fall Term
Subject Matter

Subject matter competency is required prior to student teaching. It can be met by:

  • Degree Major (must be exact match) OR
  • Exam (CSET) OR
  • Coursework (undergrad or grad, community college) OR
  • Combination of Coursework and CSET

CSET scores expire after 10 years. Coursework never expires. More information can be found on our testing page.

Sub Permit

A sub permit authorizes you to be the substitute teacher in any K-12 classroom. Alder requires all residents to obtain a sub permit by Fall term so you can be the teacher of record when your mentor teacher is off site. The sub permit is valid for 1 year but may be renewed.


CPR Certification in Adult, Infant and Child is required for the preliminary credential. CPR certification expires after 2 years.

U.S. Constitution

The U.S. constitution requirement can be met by:

  • C or higher on approved undergraduate course OR
  • Undergraduate degree from CSU OR
  • Testing: Certificate of Completion of U.S. Constitution exam or AP Test Scores if college credit earned

There is no expiration date for the exam or coursework.

Complete During Spring Term
edtPA and RICA


The Education Teaching Performance Assessment is a performance-based, subject-specific assessment you will prepare during your Spring seminar and submit in April. All programs (Multiple Subjects, Single Subject, and Education Specialist) take edTPA.


The Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA) is designed to ensure that candidates for the California Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential and Education Specialist Instruction Credential possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide effective reading instruction.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

IDP stands for Individual Development Plan. Every candidate for the Preliminary credential must exit their program with an IDP that identifies the candidate’s strengths and areas of growth as they enter the teaching profession.

For more information on the costs associated with these items, please review the Enrollment and Credentialing Fees.