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“I see the Alder Teacher Residency (ATR) as a program that really ensures teachers are ready to serve a classroom and community of historically underserved students. What I really appreciated about the residency was the amount of support I got from my director, mentor, fellow teachers and staff, and my cohort. Equity was a major part of the experience and making sure we knew where our students and families came from and how to best serve them.”

— Vitalis Obidi, Alum

“There are so many benefits of the Alder residency program. Alder set me up for success by pairing me with a highly experienced teacher that I collaborated  with daily in my year long residency. The experience I received from my residency year was invaluable.  My favorite aspect of the Alder residency is that you are a real co-teacher for the entire school year. This allows you to build amazing relationships with your students and families, as well as colleagues. You really become a part of your school community.”

— Anita Rodriguez, Alum

“Alder GSE has been a great partner to the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District (MPUSD).  We share a commitment to recruiting from our community and investing in robust teacher development because it has a positive impact on all of our students. Alder has taken the time to understand and incorporate the specific context and needs of our district. We are especially enthusiastic about our collaboration in recruiting for hard to fill credential areas like STEM and Special Education.  Alder @ MPUSD graduates are deeply prepared, strong classroom teachers who understand our students and community.”

— PK Diffenbaugh, Superintendent, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District

“Our partnership with Alder GSE is one important way Lynwood is creating a pipeline of excellent teachers. We invest in this residency program because of the benefits we see for years to come in teaching and learning — from recruiting and preparing a more diverse teaching force, to hiring well prepared teachers, to increasing teacher retention because of quality preparation. The residency program also elevates our mentors as teacher leaders and they benefit from Alder’s support and professional development.”

— Dr. Gudiel Crosthwaite, Superintendent, Lynwood Unified School District

If someone had told me how well this was going to go, how special it would be, I wouldn’t have believed it.  The impact of this partnership will last for generations to come.”

— Dr. Christi Barrett, Superintendent, Hemet Unified School District

Our mission is to create opportunity and cultivate success for every student by recruiting and educating excellent teachers and leaders who reflect the diversity of our schools’ communities.
Faculty continually gather qualitative and quantitative data on the success of our work and engage with research in education to evolve and refine our model. The results of our work are held up against our vision to prepare exceptional teachers who change students’ lives, and these data help us to continually improve our program.


Outcomes that we monitor include:

During Program

  1. Completion rates
  2. Resident demographics
  3. Evidence of resident learning

At Alder GSE, we strive for all graduates to be excellent teachers who are transformative scholar-practitioners with a pedagogical approach that is:

  • Community-based and culturally responsive
  • Developmentally appropriate and inclusive of the whole child
  • Content specific
  • Self-conscious, intentional, reflective and empowered

Alder’s full Program Learning Outcomes can be found here. Detailed data regarding student performance is provided in the Annual Program Assessment Report. Completion rates disaggregated by ethnicity and gender can be viewed in the Alder Completion Rates Report. Information about Alder’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is available in the Alder Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement.

Beyond Program

  1. Hiring rates
  2. Retention rates
  3. Teaching effectiveness rates
Over 11 Years, 78% of Residents Complete the Program in One Year
88% Complete in Two Years or Less Through Alder's Continuing Cohort Program

2021-2022: Alder’s 2021-2022 completion rate of 56% is below its historic one-year completion rate of 85%. Due to shifting credential requirements brought on by COVID-19, 71 students earned their Masters Degree but not their credential. Of those 71 students 63 were still hired as full time teachers, and once they earn their credential Alder’s two-year completion rate would rise to 84% completion for the Class of 2021-2022.

2017-2018: Alder’s 2017-2018 completion rate of 72% is below its historic one-year completion rate of 85%. The primary reason for this drop in 2017-2018 was the mid-year exit of 12 students due to not adequately demonstrating subject matter competency before lead teaching. Of the 12 students who exited, 11 completed their residency in 2018-2019.

Totals include students enrolled in the Residency Program. Master's Only Pathway completion data will be available Fall 2023.

95% of Graduates Are Hired as Educators
Percentage of Students from Historically Underrepresented Groups

Historically underrepresented groups in the teaching profession include people who have identified as the following: African American, Hispanic or Latino, Asian, American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, or two or more races.

Percentage of Pell Grant Recipients and First-Generation College Graduates
Over 95% of Residents Pass Master's Orals Exams on First Attempt
On Average, 93% of Residents Pass State Teaching Performance Examinations on First Attempt

During the year of COVID-19 (2020-2021), EdTPA was suspended as a credential or degree requirement

Over the Past 5 Years, Residency Graduates Are Retained at Higher Rates than Their Peers

The chart above compares the percentage of Alder residency graduates who are still teaching as of Fall 2022, to the percentage of their peer non-Alder teachers who were hired the same year by each TK-12 partner and are also still teaching as of Fall 2022.

Since 2011, 57% of All Hired Residents Are Still Teaching Compared to 33% of Their Peers
90% of Hiring Principals Agree that Alder-Trained Teachers Are More/Much More Effective than Their Peers in Both Their First or Second Year of Teaching

Alder also asks hiring principals to assess effectiveness after one full year of teaching. 86% of those principals agree that Alder-trained teachers are effective or highly effective as a classroom teacher