Student Services at Alder GSE

Alder Graduate School of Education strives to promote student success by working daily to realize our core values: Collaboration, Compassion, Courage, Hope, Knowledge, and Excellence. Our Teacher Residents are the center of our efforts. We work to provide educational experiences, affirming environments, accessible services, individualized plans, and involvement opportunities that support and enhance the experiences of our residents as they strive to achieve their educational goals and become career educators.

Student Services Program 2019–20

The Student Services Team at Alder Graduate School of Education provides direct support to residents through the following: leveraging a student-facing Director of Student Services who is dedicated to overseeing the Student Services program, the individual attention of the Partner Directors, and the structured mentorship program that provides a bridge between theory and practice. For an overview of the services offered, please see the Alder Student Services Program.

Current Supports and Services

  • Academic Supports and Student Success Initiatives—Student Services works closely with the Academic Team to ensure residents achieve academic, personal, and professional success by advising, coaching, and supporting students to excel in their courses and classroom practicum.
  • Health and Wellness Services—Student Services takes a holistic approach in accommodating residents’ mental and physical needs while connecting residents to crucial resources that are accessible virtually and locally.
  • Financial Support Services—Student Services offers financial planning, provides guides to resources such as Making It Work regional supports, and assists in making the program attainable.
  • Accommodations Services—Student Services supports University of the Pacific’s Services for Students with Disabilities Office in developing accommodations and modifications for students with disabilities.
  • Library and Information Services—Alder GSE’s Library supports Student Services by ensuring residents receive writing and research support.
  • Resident Experience—By cultivating opportunities and creating success for every resident, our hope is that residents feel included and a sense of belonging from the start of their residency year to the successful completion of the program.

Student Services Resources

Reach out to Student Services for assistance at