Testing Information

In order to be recommended for a preliminary teaching credential at the end of the school year, candidates must meet the basic skills requirement and verify subject matter competency. In the summer of 2021, California passed legislation allowing aspiring teachers to use relevant collegiate-level coursework to meet these requirements, creating new pathways outside of standardized credential testing. For additional context around this shift, please consult the CTC Press Release

We urge candidates in all stages of the application and enrollment process to review the guidelines below. Alder’s Credentials Department will review your transcripts for Basic Skills and Subject Matter upon your admission to the program. In the meantime, the guidelines will give you an idea if you need to start testing or not.

Testing Supports

If you do need to take the CBEST or CSET to meet the requirements, Alder provides a range of supports including study materials, office hours, study groups, and sample tests. Note, the Teachers Test Prep credit is available only after a candidate has signed their Commitment to Alder (enrollment agreement). 

Email testing@aldergse.edu for additional support and/or information.