Mentor Professional Education Program

Mentor teachers are the foundation of our residency model. Under the guidance of a high-performance mentor, teaching candidates co-teach in the classroom four days a week during the year-long residency program.

Learning takes place within a strong one-on-one relationship with the mentor, on-site and in context. Mentor and resident work together for the optimal outcome: a new teacher with a robust teaching skill set, customized for the culture of the school for which he or she will eventually work.

Mentor teachers enjoy a robust opportunity for professional development, a monetary stipend, and the fulfillment and purpose that come with passing down their insights as seasoned educators.

Program Overview

  • Professional development in the form of monthly weekday seminars that support both mentorship and the honing of general teaching expertise.
  • Participation in small-group Professional Learning Communities centered on particular areas mentors are interested in developing further.
  • Biweekly one-on-one coaching sessions with a seasoned Residency Director, in support of the mentor resident teaching relationship.
  • Opportunity to pursue offsite learning during periods when resident takes over instruction (at least twice a year for a total of 12-18 days).
  • Collaboration, support, and the opportunity to reflect on one’s own teaching practices through the presence of the resident as a thought partner and mentee.

Selection Process

Principals and Residency Directors at our TK-12 partner schools nominate teachers they identify as potentially successful mentors for an educator-in-training. Nominators rigorously seek out overall effectiveness with students; a demonstrated ability to collaborate with colleagues; and affirmative surveys from students, families, and peers.