Program Costs

Alder GSE provides an affordable and supportive path to a rewarding and successful teaching career. As an Alder student, you will earn a Master’s Degree and Teaching Credential through a year-long apprenticeship with an excellent, trained mentor teacher. Graduates receive priority hiring, and 90% of Alder graduates secure a full-time position at one of our school partners after their program year.  The residency program is a supportive investment into your future as an educator. 

Costs & Financial Support

Program & Living Costs:

2024-2025 Tuition General Education: $22,610
Special Education: $22,610 (net of Alder Residency SPED grant)
Bilingual Placement: $22,610 (net of Alder Bilingual Placement grant)
Test Registration Fees Approximately $1,000 depending on the number of tests a student takes
Credential & Certification Fees $340
Live Scan and TB Fees Approximately $150 based on the provider
Books & Materials $600
Other Living Expenses Varies depending on your personal circumstances

For more information about program costs, please see the 2023-24 Cost of Attendance or 2024-25 Cost of Attendance.

Financial Support:
For more detailed information about financial aid supports and how to apply, please see our full Financial Supports Page.

Amounts of financial support vary by partner and location; below are representative ranges:

Living Expenses Stipend (taxable) $25,000–$50,000
Golden State Teacher Grant Up to $20,000
Cal Grant Teaching Credential Program Extra Year of Cal Grant
Federal TEACH Grant Up to $5,658
Federal Loans Up to $60,000*
Alder Residency Scholarships (dependent on funding availability and eligibility) Up to $10,000
Test registration fee support $200
Credential test preparation support $250 on average
Excellent preparation and priority consideration for a paid, full-time teaching position PRICELESS!

*Total financial aid (grants + scholarships + loans) cannot exceed the cost of attendance; therefore eligible loan amounts are reduced based on other aid received.

Program Benefits

  • Earn a Master’s Degree and Teaching Credential in one year
  • Priority hiring—90% of Alder graduates secure a full-time position at one of our school partners after their program year
  • Complete a year-long apprenticeship with an excellent, trained mentor teacher
  • Join a cohort of up to twenty-five peers with whom to learn and grow
  • Receive academic support from an expert instructional Director dedicated to your development and to creating a strong cohort experience
  • Access a financial stipend (offered by TK-12 Partner) and financial aid (federal loans and grants), scholarships, loan deferral, and other financial benefits to finance the residency year
  • High touch support in completing testing, including tutoring, a 50% discount on credential test preparation courses, and free preparation materials
Investing in Your Future

Joining the residency program is an investment towards a career-track in teaching. The residency creates a pathway into the career, and graduates are hired into full time teaching roles at a rate over 90%. For many that initial salary is at a higher starting rate given that graduates hold their Masters in Education.

The graph below compares a full time teaching career at a sample district with a sample role at the same district. In this case we compare it to a paraprofessional role. If you would like to compare career tracks with your own information, this template can be a useful tool.

10 Year Salary Comparison
Residency Path & Paraprofessional Path

This is a sample based on a residency with a $15,000 stipend and a sample district pay scale and is meant as a reference. We encourage you to reach out to for support in creating your own comparison based on your salary and residency stipend.