Program Costs

Alder GSE provides an affordable and supportive path to a rewarding and successful teaching career. As an Alder student, you will earn a Master’s Degree and Teaching Credential through a year-long apprenticeship with an excellent, trained mentor teacher. Graduates receive priority hiring, and 90% of Alder graduates secure a full-time position at one of our school partners after their program year.  The residency program is a supportive investment into your future as an educator. 

Costs & Financial Support

Program & Living Costs:

2023-2024 Tuition General Education: $21,930
Special Education: $21,930 (net of Alder Residency SPED grant)
Test Registration Fees Approximately $1,000 depending on the number of tests a student takes
Credential & Certification Fees $340
Live Scan and TB Fees Approximately $150 based on the provider
Books & Materials $600
Other Living Expenses Varies depending on your personal circumstances

Financial Support:
For more detailed information about financial aid supports and how to apply, please see our full Financial Supports Page.

Amounts of financial support vary by partner and location; below are representative ranges:

Living Expenses Stipend (taxable) $18,000–$35,000
Golden State Teacher Grant Up to $20,000
Cal Grant Teaching Credential Program Extra Year of Cal Grant
Federal TEACH Grant Up to $5,658
Federal Loans Up to $55,000*
Alder Residency Scholarships (dependent on funding availability and eligibility) Up to $10,000
Test registration fee support $200
Credential test preparation support $250 on average
Excellent preparation and priority consideration for a paid, full-time teaching position PRICELESS!

*Total financial aid (grants + scholarships + loans) cannot exceed the cost of attendance; therefore eligible loan amounts are reduced based on other aid received.

Program Benefits

  • Earn a Master’s Degree and Teaching Credential in one year
  • Priority hiring—90% of Alder graduates secure a full-time position at one of our school partners after their program year
  • Complete a year-long apprenticeship with an excellent, trained mentor teacher
  • Join a cohort of up to twenty-five peers with whom to learn and grow
  • Receive academic support from an expert instructional Director dedicated to your development and to creating a strong cohort experience
  • Access a financial stipend (offered by K-12 Partner) and financial aid (federal loans and grants), scholarships, loan deferral, and other financial benefits to finance the residency year
  • High touch support in completing testing, including tutoring, a 50% discount on credential test preparation courses, and free preparation materials
Investing in Your Future

Joining the residency program is an investment towards a career-track in teaching. The residency creates a pathway into the career, and graduates are hired into full time teaching roles at a rate over 90%. For many that initial salary is at a higher starting rate given that graduates hold their Masters in Education.

The graph below compares a full time teaching career at a sample district with a sample role at the same district. In this case we compare it to a paraprofessional role. If you would like to compare career tracks with your own information, this template can be a useful tool.

10 Year Salary Comparison
Residency Path & Paraprofessional Path

This is a sample based on a residency with a $15,000 stipend and a sample district pay scale and is meant as a reference. We encourage you to reach out to for support in creating your own comparison based on your salary and residency stipend.

Student Billing Information

For detailed information about student billing, please see: