School Partners

Alder GSE began in 2010 as a pilot program of Aspire Public Schools. We set out to create a pipeline of outstanding educators through an immersive residency model, matching them with a high-performance mentor teacher for a full school year. Graduates were offered priority hiring, and their familiarity with the school community and culture prepared them to succeed from their first day as an educator.

Today, we offer these same services as a graduate school of education, working in partnership with K–12 public schools, districts, and charter management organizations. Organizing around the specific needs of our partners, we create right-sized pipelines of great teachers, trained in a residency program located in the school system for which they will eventually work. New teachers are uniquely trained to meet the needs of their students, and partner schools enjoy a pipeline of teachers trained by their best.

Are you a K–12 public school system interested in partnering with us to create a robust pipeline of great teachers for your students? We are especially interested in collaborating with districts. Get in touch and find out more here.