Master of Arts in Education for Currently Credentialed Teachers

What would it be like to earn a Master’s degree focused on your work in your classroom?

What if you could earn that degree in 13 months,
affordably, and in a way that fits your specific schedule?

The Alder Master of Arts in Education for Currently Credentialed Teachers is a 13-month Master’s degree pathway designed to help current teachers improve in their classroom practice through focuses on culturally responsive teaching, whole child education, multilingual learner instruction, and universal design for learning. The program is designed around the busy schedule of a practicing classroom teacher, with online courses during the fall and spring and in-person courses over the summer break.

For the 2023–2024 cohort, Alder will exclusively offer the Master of Arts in Education pathway to teachers working in Alder-affiliated schools and programs. A list of eligible programs can be found at this link.

“I had heard so many stories about master’s programs that are just busy work that you do simply to move up the salary scale. This program has not been like that at all. Every assignment, every reading, has genuinely made me a better teacher. I love attending class because I know that we will have engaging conversations about some of the most important topics in education.”

Application Deadlines

  • The application for Cohort 2023-2024 is closed.
  • We welcome you to consider applying for Cohort 2024-2025 when the application re-opens in Fall of 2023.

Application Requirements

  • Current teacher in a school or program affiliated with Alder GSE
  • Transcript showing a Bachelor’s Degree. A GPA of 3.0 or higher on the last 60 semester units or 90 quarter units is preferred. We believe GPA is one of multiple indicators of program readiness. If your GPA is under 2.65, you’ll have the opportunity to appeal and provide more context. Candidates with below a 2.0 GPA are not eligible for the program. See the Alder GPA Guide for more information.
  • Essay question responses
  • Video of teaching and reflection

Why earn your Master of Arts in Education with Alder?

“The Alder Master of Arts in Education program has helped me become much more empathetic as an educator as well as more capable of making schoolwork meaningful and relevant for a diverse group of learners. I could not imagine a better program than Alder!”

-Gregory Slusser, Secondary Science Teacher and Alder Master’s Student

  • Grow in your practice as a teacher through a rigorous instructional leadership model focused on your work in your classroom
  • Develop collaborative, professional relationships through a cohort-based pathway
  • Advance as a professional educator through an affordable 13 month Master’s degree designed to fit your school calendar and schedule

Cohort Model

  • Learn with a collaborative cohort of 22-25 teachers, taking all courses together across the scope of the year
  • Work in a small professional learning community, observing teaching and classroom work with role-alike peers

Affordable, 13-Month, Master’s Degree

  • Begin in June 2023, finish in July 2024
  • Tuition for the 2023-2024 cohort is $18,850, with financial aid available
  • Courses designed around school year calendar

Overview of Year

June–July, 2023–Term 1 Synchronous online courses focused on continuous improvement model and understanding our position in the history and landscape of public education
August—December, 2023—Term 2 Online courses and work implementing ideas in the classroom inside a small professional learning community, focused on culturally responsive teaching and universal design for learning
January—May, 2024—Term 3 Online courses and work implementing ideas in the classroom inside a small professional learning community focused on multilingual education and whole child education
June—July, 2024— Term 4 In-person courses in your geographic region or synchronous online focused on synthesizing learning from the program and preparing a Master’s portfolio

Note that all courses are offered in an online format.