CSET Overview

The CSET is a criterion-referenced test designed to measure an examinee’s knowledge and skills in relation to an established standard. Each test in the program is designed to measure a specific set of knowledge, skills, and/or abilities reflecting the subject area of the credential sought. 

The number of subtests, as well as the assessment length, content, and structure, is specific to each content area. The table below indicates the number of subtests for each content area. A passing score for all subtests is 220, regardless of content area.

CSET by Subject
Credential # of Subtests
Multiple Subject (K–8) 3
Special Education (Mild/Moderate) 3

(*SPED residents take the multiple-subject CSETs.)

Single Subject (6–12): English 4
Single Subject (6–12): Math 2

(*You can add a third test to teach higher level math.)

Single Subject (6–12): Science 1

(*You can take an additional subtest to add a content emphasis to your credential.)

Single Subject (6–12): Social Studies 3

For specific information about each subtest, go to the CTC CSET page. For more information and to begin preparing, review Alder’s testing supports

Email testing@aldergse.edu if you have any questions.