Bilingual Authorization

Alder offers a Bilingual Authorization program in Spanish. The authorization comes at no additional cost to residents, includes one additional course, and prepares residents to teach in a bilingual education Spanish-English classroom anywhere in California. Any Alder resident with a bilingual classroom placement can pursue this program as part of Alder’s one year residency program.

Alder’s Bilingual Authorization program is built on four foundational tenets that align with the Bilingual Teaching Performance Expectations and Alder’s Program Learning Outcomes.

  1. Critical Praxis
  2. Asset-Based Orientation to Language
  3. Linguistically and Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies
  4. Joy in Teaching and Learning

Bilingual Authorization FAQs

Q: What requirements does a candidate need to have to apply outside of our typical application process, if any?
A: Applicants to the Bilingual Authorization Pathway must have well developed fluency in Spanish. Candidates interested in Bilingual placements should select that as a credential area preference during their initial application (ex: Bilingual Elementary – Spanish). This option will show up under the credential/subjects of interest question after selecting the school partner in the application.

Q: Which partners will offer Bilingual Authorization? How do I know what partners I can apply to?
A: All partners that have Bilingual Education programs and mentors may have residents in the Bilingual Authorization pathway. Current partners that have residents in the Spanish Bilingual Authorization cohort are: the Lindsay Consortium, Alameda County Office of Education, Aspire Public Schools – Central Valley, Hemet Unified School District, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District, Palm Springs Unified School District, Pasadena Unified School District, San Juan Unified School District, Oakland Unified School District, and San Rafael City Schools.

Q: If the school partner I want to teach with doesn’t offer Bilingual placements, can I still get Bilingual Authorization?
A: Yes, you may still earn your Bilingual Authorization through CSET testing (independent of any Alder coursework). Alder may be able to support you to complete this process.

Q: Is there an additional cost to adding the Bilingual Authorization?
A: There is no additional cost if you are in the Spanish Bilingual Authorization pathway at Alder.

Q: What languages will be offered in Bilingual Authorization?
A: Alder currently offers a Spanish Bilingual Authorization pathway. You may, however, earn a Bilingual Authorization in other languages outside of Alder through CSET testing.

Q: I’m an Alder graduate interested in earning Bilingual Authorization, is there an option to earn it through Alder?
A: At this time, Alder does not offer the Spanish Bilingual Authorization program to alumni but aims to do so in the near future.

Q: Who can I contact if I have more questions about the Bilingual Authorization?
A: Please reach out to