Ensuring Equity in Today’s Classrooms: How Bias Impacts Student Outcomes

Dr. Sha Fanion and Kamie Cowan presented their research at the 21st New Teacher Center Symposium—Converge: Rising Together for Student Success. It was held February 10–12, 2019, in Dallas, Texas.

In their presented piece, Dr. Fanion and Ms. Cowan write:

Implicit bias in educational environments, especially in today’s P–12 classrooms, can negatively impact student outcomes. However, this impact can be diminished when educators reflect on their own biases and how these biases affect their beliefs and actions with students. Participants reflect on their personal implicit and explicit biases to ensure equity in all classrooms so that all students’ needs are reflected upon, planned for, and met with purpose and fidelity. Participants also receive tools to extend this critical work with others when they return to their schools.