CTC Teacher Induction Overview

California has a two-tiered credentialing system for teachers. Preliminary programs prepare candidates to obtain an initial teaching credential through successful completion of required coursework, fieldwork, and a performance demonstration of their knowledge, skills, and abilities. The second tier of preparation is a two-year job-embedded individualized induction program that is focused on extensive support and mentoring to new teachers in their first and second year of teaching. (CTC, 2022).

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Alumni Induction Scholarship

Scholarship Summary
Alder Graduate School of Education is proud to invite you to apply for the newly established Induction Scholarship. Alder GSE offers a range of scholarships from $500–$2000 for alumni to successfully clear their credentials through induction programs. The purpose of the scholarship is to support alumni to clear their preliminary credentials, continue our mission of impacting students, and increase the eligible mentor pool to ensure the success of the Alder GSE residency experience. Selected awardees will be required to attend one 30-minute residency mentor information session offered by Alder GSE.

Application Criteria
Applicants must meet the following criteria prior to applying:
1. Be an alum of Alder Graduate School of Education

Awardees must meet the following criteria prior to scholarship distribution:
1. Demonstrate current and ongoing employment at an Alder K-12 partner school or district
2. P
rovide proof of enrollment in an induction program

Application Process
Fall 2022 application is currently closed. Spring 2023 is TBD.

Application Deadline
Spring 2023 Deadline: TBD

If you have already cleared your credentials, and would like more information about becoming an Alder GSE residency mentor, please email and we will put you in touch with someone who can assist you. Thank you for your interest!