Anny Vang

Aspire Teacher Residency Central Valley at Alder GSE 

Resident, Cohort 2018–2019
Residency Placement: Aspire Rosa Parks Academy
Mentor: Kaycee Makalintal

What Is Your Hometown? Stockton, California

What College Did You Attend? San Jose State University

What Degree Did You Earn? BA in Liberal Studies, Prep for Teaching, and a minor in Special Education

What Inspired You to Teach? I aspire to teach because I want to make a difference and I believe that I can do that as an educator. My background as a former foster youth has led me to want to teach underserved students. I want to help students see and reach their fullest potential. It is my hope that I will inspire my students to reach for the stars and dream big. I want them to give back to their communities.

Why Did You Choose Alder’s Teacher Residency Program at Aspire Public Schools? I chose the Alder Teacher Residency Program because I felt it would be the best program for equipping me with the skills and knowledge I will need when I go into my first year of teaching. I love the idea of marrying theory and practice together because I feel this will better prepare me for teaching. I also believe that having an effective mentor is beneficial. When I met my mentor, I knew that I would be in great hands and that my next year will be tough, but doable.