Bernie Gifford, PhD

UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education

Bernard Gifford’s research interests include theories of computer-mediated, collaborative learning; the impact of networking and communications technologies on student learning activities and teacher pedagogical practices; the behavior of organizations during periods of rapid technological change; and the changing political economy of U.S. higher education. His numerous books include Policy Perspectives on Educational Testing (1993) and Employment Testing: Linking Policy and Practice (with L. Wing, 1993). He is completing his latest book, which is on bureaucratic, policy, and technological barriers to effective use of technology-mediated instruction in universities. Recent publications include Using Technology to Advance Educational Equity (2002); “The Probability Inquiry Environment: A Collaborative, Inquiry-Based Simulation Environment” (with P. Vahey et al., 2000); and “Ready for Learning: A Mandate for American Higher Education” (with R. Shore, 1999). He currently heads the Distributed Learning Workshop, a nonprofit educational software collaborative that is developing standards-based, computer-mediated instructional materials in math. As Dean of Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education from 1983-89, he launched the school’s expanded commitment to research and collaboration. He is the Faculty Director of the Joint Doctoral Program in Leadership for Educational Equity.