Carlene Ervin

Aspire Teacher Residency Bay Area at Alder GSE

Resident, Cohort 2019–2020
Residency Placement: Aspire Richmond Cal Prep
Mentor: Liza Gesuden
Special mention: Aspire alum

What is your hometown? Oakland, California

What college did you attend? Yale University

What degree did you earn? BA in History

What inspired you to teach? I want to teach because I believe there is true power in education. I want to empower my students by helping them develop the critical-thinking skills, the writing skills, and the speaking skills which will allow students to be informed citizens who will go out and change the world for themselves.

Why did you choose Alder’s Teacher Residency program? I chose Alder and Aspire for my Teacher Residency because I will be returning to my community to teach the next generation of students from the Bay Area. I appreciated the program’s focus on social justice and college readiness for all students.