Jessica LeBoeuf

Aspire Teacher Residency Central Valley at Alder GSE 

Resident, Cohort 2018–2019
Residency Placement: Aspire Vincent Shalvey Academy
Mentor: Danielle Linares

What Is Your Hometown? Fresno, California

What College Did You Attend? CSU Sacramento

What Degree Did You Earn? BA in Liberal Studies

What Inspired You to Teach? My spark for education was ignited in high school! I was fortunate enough to work in a first grade classroom, which gave me an early appreciation for working with students. Since then I have worked with students from many backgrounds and communities; they have been my drive for becoming a teacher. Their passion for learning is something I never want to see extinguished. I hope to provide a classroom community that encourages all students to be themselves in an equitable but challenging environment that continues to inspire their learning.

Why Did You Choose Alder’s Teacher Residency Program at Aspire Public Schools? I chose the Alder Teacher Residency Program because it is truly unique! I get to work with a master teacher for a year while learning from her and my coursework. I have the rare opportunity to learn and grow throughout the year in a low-risk environment as I receive feedback from a mentor, principal and director, who all have my best interest at heart. The extra bonus is having an amazing cohort that is filled with people who have the same values and goals as I have. There is unlimited support.