Marisela Mori

Aspire Teacher Residency Bay Area at Alder GSE

Resident, Cohort 2019–2020
Residency Placement: Aspire East Palo Alto Charter School
Mentor: Jeremy Akiyama
Special mention: Aspire employee

What is your hometown? Stockton, California

What college did you attend? San Jose State University

What degree did you earn? BA in English, Preparation for Teaching

What inspired you to teach? I have always been fascinated with school ever since I was a little girl. I have always loved to learn about everything and anything, and I wanted to extend that knowledge unto others. I enjoy helping people and encouraging them to try to reach their full potential. Knowing this, I believe that being in the classroom is the right place for me.

Why did you choose Alder’s Teacher Residency program? I chose the Alder Teacher Residency program because of its unique approach to training future educators with the mentor-resident relationship, as well as intertwining practice and theory. I can’t wait to learn from my mentor and her experiences, as well as all the coursework and theory practice, throughout the year in the classroom. Aspire also gives me the opportunity to grow, challenge, evolve, and constantly learn about myself as an educator and as a person.