Virgil Tang

Envision & Lighthouse Teacher Residency at Alder GSE

Resident, Cohort 2019–2020
Residency Placement: Impact Academy of Arts and Technology Middle Grades
Mentor: Erin Ruiz-Prunchak

What is your hometown? Monterey Park, California

What college did you attend? University of California, Berkeley

What degree did you earn? BA in Applied Mathematics

What inspired you to teach? I started tutoring at Cal through a program called Youth Tennis Advantage and found real enjoyment and satisfaction in helping kids understand new concepts. From there, I joined Blueprint Schools Network, where I taught a supplemental small-group math class in Oakland and found my passion in teaching. I want to continue to help students learn and reach their potential.

Why did you choose Alder’s Teacher Residency program? Coming from Blueprint, I am familiar with teaching a small group. I wanted to make that jump to having a full class, but I didn’t want to go in unprepared or without support. Alder offered me a Mentor Teacher to help me hone my teaching practices while applying a gradual release practice to ease me into managing my own classroom.