Using the 5 Practices Framework in a Secondary Methods Course: A Pilot Study

Dr. David Steele and colleagues from the Ohio State University and University of Wyoming recently presented their research (Using the 5 Practices Framework in a Secondary Methods Course: A Pilot Study) at the 2023 Association of Science Teacher Education International Conference. The conference was held in Salt Lake City from January 11th-January 14th, 2023.

In their research presentation, Dr. Steele and colleagues:

Recognize two instructional challenges associated with the ambitious vision for science education as outlined by the NGSS: a) designing and/or selecting instructional tasks that maintain high cognitive demands for students to simultaneously engage with science practices and learn core science concepts; and b) providing and managing opportunities for students to talk productively with one another about their problem-solving approaches, solutions, models, etc. To guide preservice teachers to meet these challenges, the first author implemented the 5 Practices Framework for Orchestrating Productive Task-Based Discussions in Science (Cartier et al, 2013) in his secondary science methods course. The presentation provides insights to the learnings garnered that will shape further design of the methods course.

Their research presentation can be found here.